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April 03, 2017
Westinghouse's woes spotlight US nuclear sector's decline

Washington (AFP) March 30, 2017
Westinghouse's bankruptcy announcement Wednesday cast a pall over the future of nuclear energy in the United States and comes as the Trump administration seeks to revive the coal industry. Charles Fishman, an analyst at the investment firm Morningstar, said chances were slim that the industry would commit to building new nuclear power stations any time soon. "It might be the final nail" in the coffin, he told AFP. Nuclear power represents only nine percent of energy used in the United State ... read more

Toshiba execs under fire as loss forecast balloons
Chiba, Japan (AFP) March 30, 2017
Angry investors lambasted Toshiba executives at a shareholder meeting Thursday after it warned annual losses could balloon to more than $9.0 billion but they agreed to the sale of its memory chip business, the jewel in the Japanese giant's crown. ... more
Toshiba's US nuclear unit files for bankruptcy protection
Washington (AFP) March 29, 2017
Toshiba's loss-hit US nuclear unit Westinghouse Electric Company has filed for bankruptcy protection, the companies said Wednesday, as the troubled division wrestles with huge losses and accounting fraud claims. ... more
Japan high court rules nuclear reactors can restart
Tokyo (AFP) March 28, 2017
A Japanese appeals court on Tuesday ruled that a pair of nuclear reactors halted by a lower court order can be restarted, in a victory for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's energy policy. ... more
Japan court rules government liable for Fukushima disaster
Tokyo (AFP) March 17, 2017
A Japanese court on Friday ruled for the first time that the government bears responsibility for the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster and ordered it and the plant operator to pay damages, officials and news reports said. ... more
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Visualizing nuclear radiation
Kyoto, Japan (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
Extraordinary decontamination efforts are underway in areas affected by the 2011 nuclear accidents in Japan. The creation of total radioactivity maps is essential for thorough cleanup, but the most ... more
Late US billionaire's record land gift lays Chile row to rest
Santiago (AFP) March 18, 2017
Douglas Tompkins's widow vividly remembers the suspicions the late billionaire raised when he started buying up land in Patagonia, the natural paradise at the bottom of South America. ... more
The EIC and Nuclear AMRC sign MoU
London, UK (SPX) Mar 13, 2017
Two leading organisations within the UK's nuclear industry, the Energy Industries Council (EIC) and the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC), have signed a Memorandum of Und ... more
New research urges a rethink on global energy subsidies
Sussex, UK (SPX) Mar 15, 2017
The hidden toll that subsidies for electricity, fossil fuels, and transport have on social welfare, economic growth and technological innovation needs to be exposed through better research says a ne ... more
Germany's E.ON next to turn face to low-carbon future
Berlin (UPI) Mar 15, 2017
German energy company E.ON said Wednesday it's been able to free itself from past burdens and was positioned for growth in a "new energy world." ... more
Loss-hit Toshiba nosedives on fears about future
Tokyo (AFP) March 15, 2017
Toshiba shares plunged Wednesday as fears grow about the future of one of Japan's best-known firms, hit by massive losses and accounting fraud allegations at its US nuclear unit. ... more

German energy company RWE evolving for success

Cancer-Causing Radiation Biggest Threat to Humans on Deep Space Missions
Washington (Sputnik) Mar 13, 2017
Researchers looking into the effects of deep space travel on the human body may have just discovered something that could jeopardize humankind's chances of a successfully colonizing Mars. With work ... more
Potential approach to how radioactive elements could be 'fished out' of nuclear waste
Manchester UK (SPX) Mar 13, 2017
Manchester scientists have revealed how arsenic molecules might be used to 'fish out' the most toxic elements from radioactive nuclear waste - a breakthrough that could make the decommissioning indu ... more
For Japan's nuclear refugees, insults and rejection
Hirono, Japan (AFP) March 10, 2017
Satsuki Sekine's home was destroyed in Japan's 2011 tsunami disaster and her family fled in the nuclear panic that followed. But crueller still were the insults and stigmatisation she faced in the community where she sought refuge. ... more
Completion of dismantling of nuclear facilities at the Cadarache MOX plant
Paris, France (SPX) Mar 09, 2017
AREVA has completed clean-up and dismantling operations on the facilities belonging to the former MOX fuel fabrication plant in Cadarache (Bouches-du-Rhone). Around 60 emptied process areas have thu ... more

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Shell unveils giant new high-tech research lab in India
New Delhi (AFP) March 31, 2017
Oil giant Shell opened Friday a high-tech research hub in southern India that is hoping to pioneer the green energy of the future, including ways to transform farm and city waste into clean fuel. The sprawling facility in the Indian tech capital Bangalore will house 1,500 experts under one roof as Shell expands its research and development operations in Asia. The 21-hectare hub will host ... more
Bochum, Germany (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
Hydrogen production: This is how green algae assemble their enzymes
Jakarta (AFP) March 20, 2017
Community in chaotic Jakarta goes green to fight eviction
Upton NY (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
Chemists ID catalytic 'key' for converting CO2 to methanol
Report: Global renewable power capacity expanding
Washington (UPI) Mar 30, 2017
As European and Asian leaders take up the low-carbon mantel from the United States, a global report found 2016 was a record-setter for renewable energy. The International Renewable Energy Agency reported total global renewable energy capacity increased last year by 161 gigawatts, reaching 2,000 GW by the end of the year. According to estimates from the U.S. Energy Department, 1 gigawatt ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
Financialization's negative effect on the American solar industry
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
First Solar to deliver 48Mw Manildra solar farm
London, UK (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
Lightsource turns on Northern Ireland's largest solar project
Japan scientist eyes energy burst from 'typhoon turbine'
Tokyo (AFP) March 29, 2017
Most people look for a place to hide when a typhoon is on the horizon, but Atsushi Shimizu hopes that the fury of nature may one day help resource-poor Japan tackle its energy woes. As thousands of Australians seek shelter from a "monster" cyclone battering the country's northern coast, the Tokyo-based engineer believes that his bladeless wind turbine can not only stand up to the raw force o ... more
Washington (UPI) Mar 28, 2017
Mega-wind farm offshore Denmark clears hurdle
Washington (UPI) Mar 17, 2017
North Carolina offshore wind hailed as job creator
Washington (UPI) Mar 16, 2017
North Carolina ready for offshore wind energy auction
Program to be axed saves energy in LA buildings
Paris (AFP) March 28, 2017
Voluntary efficiency programmes - including one targeted for elimination by the Trump administration - have led to energy savings of up to 30 percent in commercial buildings in Los Angeles, researchers have reported. Describing their study as the first large-scale analysis of green certification schemes for big buildings, a pair of researchers from the University of California at Los Angel ... more
Washington (UPI) Mar 24, 2017
Energy demand metrics indicate strong U.S. economy
New York (AFP) March 26, 2017
New York skyscrapers adapt to climate change
Washington (UPI) Mar 17, 2017
Emissions flat for three years in a row, IEA says
How does oxygen get into a fuel cell
Vienna, Austria (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
Fuel cells use a simple chemical reaction, such as the combination of oxygen and hydrogen to form water, to generate electricity. The question of which is the best material to use when making ceramic fuel cells is not a straightforward one, however. New materials are required that act as a catalyst for the chemical reaction required with maximum efficiency, but that also last as long as possible ... more
Seoul, South Korea (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
Clarifying how lithium ions ferry around in rechargeable batteries
New Haven CT (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
Building a market for renewable thermal technologies
New Haven CT (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
New gel-like coating beefs up the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries
Argentina suspends Canada's Barrick mining over spill
Buenos Aires (AFP) March 30, 2017
Argentina suspended Canadian mining company Barrick Gold on Thursday after the firm admitted to a new spill at a mine in the Andes mountains, its third in two years. Barrick said Wednesday that a pipeline at its Veladero gold and silver mine had sprung a leak the day before, spilling liquid used in the mining process. It insisted there were no toxic chemicals in the spill, but environmen ... more
Los Angeles (AFP) March 29, 2017
California prepares for war with Trump over environment
Paris (AFP) March 27, 2017
Paris mayor orders cleanliness blitz
Basque Country, Spain (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
Rocks that tell our industrial history
The Last Free American Board Game
Oil prices set for rise after higher U.S. GDP figures reported
Washington (UPI) Mar 30, 2017
Crude oil prices were on pace for another day of solid gains Thursday after a report showed fourth quarter gains in the United States were better than expected. Crude oil prices surged Wednesday more than 2 percent after data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration confirmed gains in crude oil inventories, but also showed a steep decline in petroleum products like gasoline. Secu ... more
Washington (UPI) Mar 30, 2017
Genel Energy aims to emerge as a natural gas player
Washington (AFP) March 31, 2017
Oil prices in modest decline in Friday's waiting game
Washington (UPI) Mar 30, 2017
Norway raises reserve estimate of Barents Sea field
New MAVEN findings reveal how Mars' atmosphere was lost to space
Boulder CO (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
Solar wind and radiation are responsible for stripping the Martian atmosphere, transforming Mars from a planet that could have supported life billions of years ago into a frigid desert world, according to new results from NASA's MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission) spacecraft led by the University of Colorado Boulder. "We've determined that most of the gas ever present in ... more
Edwards AFB CA (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
Potential Mars Airplane Resumes Flight
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 31, 2017
Prolific Mars Orbiter Completes 50,000 Orbits
Paris (ESA) Mar 29, 2017
Final two ExoMars landing sites chosen
Putin says climate change not manmade
Moscow (AFP) March 30, 2017
Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Thursday said climate change was not caused by human activity, as the White House announced that President Donald Trump would decide by May on continued US participation in the landmark Paris Agreement limiting global carbon emissions. One day after visiting the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the Arctic, Putin claimed that icebergs had been melting for decad ... more
New York (AFP) March 31, 2017
US will keep climate commitments despite Trump: ex-mayor of NY
Washington (AFP) March 29, 2017
Trump moves to roll back Obama climate measures
Miami (AFP) March 30, 2017
US climate science hearing descends into bullying 'food-fight'
Reusable carbon nanotubes could be the water filter of the future, says RIT study
Rochester NY (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
A new class of carbon nanotubes could be the next-generation clean-up crew for toxic sludge and contaminated water, say researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology. Enhanced single-walled carbon nanotubes offer a more effective and sustainable approach to water treatment and remediation than the standard industry materials - silicon gels and activated carbon - according to a paper pub ... more
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
Built from the bottom up, nanoribbons pave the way to 'on-off' states for graphene
Nuremberg, Germany (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
The world's largest diamond foil
Hong Kong (AFP) March 29, 2017
'Pink Star' diamond set to fetch record price in Hong Kong
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Australia issues tender request for new frigates
Washington (UPI) Mar 31, 2017
Australia issued Friday a Request for Tender to three companies for its $26.82 billion Future Frigate program. The companies shortlisted contract bidders were BAE Systems, Fincantieri and Navantia. "Today's announcement shows the Government is on track to begin construction of the Future Frigates in 2020 in Adelaide," Defense Minister Christopher Pyne said in a press release. "The relea ... more
Washington (UPI) Mar 28, 2017
Indian navy commissions first Mk IV-class Landing Craft Utility ship
Washington (UPI) Mar 28, 2017
U.K., France join forces for new anti-ship weapon
Washington (UPI) Mar 27, 2017
Australia modernizes Anzac-class frigate
S. Korea, Japan, US hold drill against N. Korea submarines
Seoul (AFP) April 3, 2017
South Korea, Japan and the US held a joint naval exercise Monday aimed at countering missile threats from North Korean submarines, Seoul's defense ministry said, amid mounting concerns over the hermit state's weapons programme. Pyongyang is on a quest to develop a long-range missile capable of hitting the US mainland with a nuclear warhead, and has so far staged five nuclear tests, two of th ... more
Washington (AFP) April 2, 2017
US urges China to take 'action' against North Korea
United Nations, United States (AFP) March 30, 2017
US warns China it is losing patience over North Korea
Kuala Lumpur (AFP) March 31, 2017
Kim Jong-Nam's body returned to North Korea: China
Russia detains man over IS-claimed attack on Chechen base
Moscow (AFP) April 1, 2017
Russia said Saturday it had detained one of the attackers who carried out a deadly strike on a military base in Chechnya. The Investigative Committee, which probes major crimes, said its North Caucasus regional branch had detained a 21-year-old local man over last week's attack, in which six soldiers and six rebels died. "One of the attackers has been detained - a resident of Chechnya's ... more
Cairo (AFP) April 2, 2017
Egypt military says top Islamist killed in Sinai
Washington (AFP) March 30, 2017
IS propaganda team killed in Iraq air strike: coalition
Montreal (AFP) March 28, 2017
Electronics ban on flights not a longterm solution: IATA boss
Super Pressure Balloon Flight Enables Pioneering Infrasound Study
Washington DC (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
It's all about that bass and lots of it. Deep, deep base-sound at frequencies too low for the human ear to pick-up. It's called infrasound, low-frequency soundwaves formed by events as diverse as ocean waves crashing together, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to rocket launches. These soundwaves, capable of traveling around the world multiple times, have never been recorded from the stratosphe ... more
Washington (UPI) Mar 30, 2017
General Electric to install Hornet engines for U.S. Navy
Washington (UPI) Mar 31, 2017
Boeing awarded contract to build 17 Poseidon aircraft
Washington (UPI) Mar 30, 2017
Northrop Grumman to upgrade French Hawkeye aircraft
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Six months post-hurricane, hunger gnaws at southern Haiti
Jérémie, Haiti (AFP) April 3, 2017
Crouching beside the makeshift shelter shared with his parents and five siblings, Fanfan Edouard slowly sharpens his machete. But there's no rush to cut firewood, because there is no food to cook. "I'll try to buy rice on credit and find work, anything to pay later," the 26-year-old says, speaking without much conviction. Since Hurricane Matthew destroyed their two small homes, the Edoua ... more
Jakarta (AFP) April 2, 2017
At least two dead, 26 missing in Indonesia landslide
Amatrice, Italy (AFP) April 2, 2017
Prince Charles embraces Italy quake survivors
Mosul, Iraq (AFP) March 30, 2017
Rush hour on Mosul's 'displacement highway'
AM General, Army to test autonomous vehicle system
Washington (UPI) Mar 30, 2017
An autonomous vehicle for transporting personnel and equipment within U.S. military facilities is being developed by AM General and the Army. AM General said its partnership with the U.S. Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center, or TARDEC, comes under the Applied Robotics for Installations and Base Operations initiative. The initiative aims is to advance the s ... more
Boston MA (SPX) Mar 27, 2017
Printable device points toward sensor-laden robot skin
Washington (AFP) March 26, 2017
Tech world debate on robots and jobs heats up
Sendai, Japan (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
Quadruped robot exhibits spontaneous changes in step with speed

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