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24/7 Nuclear Energy News Coverage
April 11, 2017
France enshrines decision to close oldest nuclear plant

Paris (AFP) April 9, 2017
The French government on Sunday published a decree for closing the country's oldest nuclear plant, fulfilling a campaign-trail pledge made by President Francois Hollande who is now in the final weeks of office. The decree, gazetted in the Official Journal which publishes government decisions, sets down the conditions for closing a nuclear plant at Fessenheim, a plant in eastern France on the border with southwestern Germany. Fessenheim will cease operations when a new reactor, currently being bu ... read more

S.Africa to re-think nuclear deal after junk status : ANC
Johannesburg (AFP) April 9, 2017
South Africa's ruling party on Sunday said the government will have to re-think its costly and highly contentious nuclear expansion programme following last week's relegation of the country's creditworthiness to junk. ... more
A step toward long-lasting sunscreen
San Francisco CA (SPX) Apr 04, 2017
In a perfect world, people would diligently reapply suncreen every couple of hours to protect their delicate skin from damaging solar radiation. But in reality, few people actually adhere to reappli ... more
Toshiba to buy Engie's stake in NuGen for $139 mn
Tokyo (AFP) April 4, 2017
Japan's troubled conglomerate Toshiba said Tuesday it would buy the 40 percent stake held by French group Engie in their British nuclear joint venture NuGen for about 15.3 billion yen ($138.6 million). ... more
Toshiba execs under fire as loss forecast balloons
Chiba, Japan (AFP) March 30, 2017
Angry investors lambasted Toshiba executives at a shareholder meeting Thursday after it warned annual losses could balloon to more than $9.0 billion but they agreed to the sale of its memory chip business, the jewel in the Japanese giant's crown. ... more
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Westinghouse's woes spotlight US nuclear sector's decline
Washington (AFP) March 30, 2017
Westinghouse's bankruptcy announcement Wednesday cast a pall over the future of nuclear energy in the United States and comes as the Trump administration seeks to revive the coal industry. ... more
Japan high court rules nuclear reactors can restart
Tokyo (AFP) March 28, 2017
A Japanese appeals court on Tuesday ruled that a pair of nuclear reactors halted by a lower court order can be restarted, in a victory for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's energy policy. ... more
Toshiba's US nuclear unit files for bankruptcy protection
Washington (AFP) March 29, 2017
Toshiba's loss-hit US nuclear unit Westinghouse Electric Company has filed for bankruptcy protection, the companies said Wednesday, as the troubled division wrestles with huge losses and accounting fraud claims. ... more
Japan court rules government liable for Fukushima disaster
Tokyo (AFP) March 17, 2017
A Japanese court on Friday ruled for the first time that the government bears responsibility for the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster and ordered it and the plant operator to pay damages, officials and news reports said. ... more
Visualizing nuclear radiation
Kyoto, Japan (SPX) Mar 23, 2017
Extraordinary decontamination efforts are underway in areas affected by the 2011 nuclear accidents in Japan. The creation of total radioactivity maps is essential for thorough cleanup, but the most ... more
Late US billionaire's record land gift lays Chile row to rest
Santiago (AFP) March 18, 2017
Douglas Tompkins's widow vividly remembers the suspicions the late billionaire raised when he started buying up land in Patagonia, the natural paradise at the bottom of South America. ... more

The EIC and Nuclear AMRC sign MoU

New research urges a rethink on global energy subsidies
Sussex, UK (SPX) Mar 15, 2017
The hidden toll that subsidies for electricity, fossil fuels, and transport have on social welfare, economic growth and technological innovation needs to be exposed through better research says a ne ... more
Germany's E.ON next to turn face to low-carbon future
Berlin (UPI) Mar 15, 2017
German energy company E.ON said Wednesday it's been able to free itself from past burdens and was positioned for growth in a "new energy world." ... more
Loss-hit Toshiba nosedives on fears about future
Tokyo (AFP) March 15, 2017
Toshiba shares plunged Wednesday as fears grow about the future of one of Japan's best-known firms, hit by massive losses and accounting fraud allegations at its US nuclear unit. ... more
German energy company RWE evolving for success
Washington (UPI) Mar 14, 2017
German energy company RWE said it's "back on track" after retooling its footing in the market and riding on the success of its renewable energy arm. ... more

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Scientists engineer sugarcane to produce biodiesel, more sugar for ethanol
Champaign IL (SPX) Apr 06, 2017
A multi-institutional team led by the University of Illinois have proven sugarcane can be genetically engineered to produce oil in its leaves and stems for biodiesel production. Surprisingly, the modified sugarcane plants also produced more sugar, which could be used for ethanol production. The dual-purpose bioenergy crops are predicted to be more than five times more profitable per acre t ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 7, 2017
Gripen fighter completes test flights using 100 percent biofuel
San Francisco CA (SPX) Apr 04, 2017
Ridding the oceans of plastics by turning the waste into valuable fuel
New Delhi (AFP) March 31, 2017
Shell unveils giant new high-tech research lab in India
Electronic control to ensure photovoltaic systems always work at maximum power
Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (SPX) Apr 06, 2017
After having developed various algorithms and control systems and having applied them in a whole range of fields, such as robotics, control of motors in electric machines, and in wind generators, the UPV/EHU's Advanced Control Group has proven that one of the methods, a sliding mode controller, offers good results in the control of photovoltaic generators, too. "It's a kind of innovative, ... more
Golden CO (SPX) Apr 06, 2017
Report shines light on installed costs and deployment barriers for residential solar PV
Pompano Beach FL (SPX) Apr 06, 2017
Concept, SolarTech team up next-gen solar panels
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
IEA: India needs diverse investments in renewables
Canada sees emerging role for wind energy
Washington (UPI) Apr 6, 2017
With economic diversification on the agenda in Canada, the country's natural resources minister said this may be the start of the era for wind energy. Wind energy advocates and government officials visited Quebec for a regional energy conference as the North American energy landscape is shifting. Robert Hornung, the president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, told the audience mo ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 4, 2017
U.N. says low-carbon economy not a "pipe dream"
Washington (UPI) Mar 28, 2017
Mega-wind farm offshore Denmark clears hurdle
Tokyo (AFP) March 29, 2017
Japan scientist eyes energy burst from 'typhoon turbine'
U.S. emissions generally lower last year
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
The only U.S. sector where emissions of carbon dioxide increased last year was in the transportation sector, an Energy Department division reported. A daily brief from the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported CO2 emissions from the transportation sector increased 1.9 percent from 2015 levels. Emissions directly from motor gasoline increased 1.8 percent and the overall sector ... more
Washington (AFP) April 3, 2017
World Bank urges more investment for developing global electricity
New York (AFP) April 3, 2017
US states begin legal action on Trump energy delay
Paris (AFP) March 28, 2017
Program to be axed saves energy in LA buildings
Physicists develop ultrathin superconducting film
Saarbrucken, Germany (SPX) Apr 10, 2017
Experimental physicists in the research group led by Professor Uwe Hartmann at Saarland University have developed a thin nanomaterial with superconducting properties. Below about -200 C these materials conduct electricity without loss, levitate magnets and can screen magnetic fields. The particularly interesting aspect of this work is that the research team has succeeded in creating super ... more
Plainsboro NJ (SPX) Apr 10, 2017
Scientists further understanding of a process that causes heat loss in fusion devices
Vienna, Austria (SPX) Mar 30, 2017
How does oxygen get into a fuel cell
Seoul, South Korea (SPX) Mar 29, 2017
Clarifying how lithium ions ferry around in rechargeable batteries
Polluted London sets its sights on cars
London (AFP) April 9, 2017
Gone are the days of London's "pea souper" smogs, but like many European cities, the British capital is once again being choked by pollution - and has road traffic firmly in its sights. In 1952, the Great Smog suffocated London for five days, bringing the city to a standstill as soot-filled clouds descended onto the streets and into people's lungs, leaving more than 12,000 dead. The cri ... more
Washington (AFP) April 10, 2017
Road salt runoff threatens US, Canada lakes: study
Shanghai (AFP) April 6, 2017
Shanghai river clean-up leaves boat-dwellers in limbo
Dhaka (AFP) April 6, 2017
Bangladesh closes one of world's most polluted places
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Iran sees foreign investments in energy sector stable
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
Iran expects more, not less, foreign investments in its oil and natural gas sector because of fewer sanctions restrictions, the oil minister said. Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh said foreign companies will invest in the nation's energy sector to the fullest extent of the law. Few outside companies are working closely with Iran, though the minister said he doesn't expect investments ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
OMV sees Libya as a natural fit
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
Oil prices rally on geopolitical tensions
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
Brent decommissioning opaque, environmentalists say
Russia critcal to ExoMars Project says Italian Space Agency Head
Colorado Springs CO (Sputnik) Apr 06, 2017
Russia is a fundamental partner in the joint project between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Russia's Roscosmos space corporation ExoMars, Italian Space Agency (ASI) President Roberto Battiston told Sputnik. ExoMars is the first project in the history of collaboration between the European Union and Russia that aims to search for life on Mars. The project started with the launch of a Ru ... more
Estacion Yungay, Chile (AFP) April 6, 2017
Chile desert combed for clues to life on Mars
Boulder CO (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
New MAVEN findings reveal how Mars' atmosphere was lost to space
Edwards AFB CA (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
Potential Mars Airplane Resumes Flight
California declares stubborn drought officially over
Los Angeles (AFP) April 7, 2017
California Governor Jerry Brown declared Friday the official end of the state's drought that lasted more than five years. Despite lifting the drought emergency in all but four counties, the governor kept in place water reporting requirements, as well as bans on practices like watering during or following rainfall and hosing off sidewalks. "This drought emergency is over, but the next dro ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 10, 2017
Plants have been helping to offset climate change, but now it's up to us
Rome (AFP) April 10, 2017
G7 energy ministers fail to agree statement on climate change: Italy
Bejing, China (SPX) Apr 10, 2017
How ENSO and Atlantic ADO impact East Asian winter monsoon
Graphene Flagship researches create thin film transistors printed with layered materials
Dublin, Ireland (SPX) Apr 10, 2017
Graphene Flagship researchers from AMBER at Trinity College Dublin have fabricated printed transistors consisting entirely of layered materials. Published today in the leading journal Science the team's findings have the potential to cheaply print a range of electronic devices from solar cells to LEDs with applications from interactive smart food and drug labels to next-generation banknote secur ... more
Hong Kong (AFP) April 4, 2017
'Pink Star' diamond fetches record $71.2 mn in Hong Kong
Boston MA (SPX) Apr 04, 2017
Researchers 'iron out' graphene's wrinkles
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Mar 31, 2017
Built from the bottom up, nanoribbons pave the way to 'on-off' states for graphene
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Damen submits tender for Australian OPV ships
Washington (UPI) Apr 6, 2017
Damen Shipyards became the first shipbuilder to submit tender for Australia's Offshore Patrol Vessel project, which calls for the construction of twelve ships. Australia's Defense Ministry formally issued a request for tender for three shortlisted companies in November. The project aims to replace aging Armidale-class patrol boats currently in service with Australia's naval forces. ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 5, 2017
Raytheon tests new electric gun for Phalanx weapon system
Washington (UPI) Apr 6, 2017
Boeing, Laurel Tech contracted for DDG 51 modernization
Washington (UPI) Apr 4, 2017
U.S. Navy's USS America completes survivability test
Trump seeks options for eliminating NKorea nuke threat
Washington (AFP) April 9, 2017
As a US strike group led by an aircraft carrier steamed toward the Korean peninsula Sunday, a senior official said President Donald Trump has asked to be provided with a range of options for eliminating the North Korean nuclear threat. The US naval move will certainly raise tensions in the region and comes hard on the heels of a US cruise missile strike on Syria that was widely interpreted a ... more
Seoul (AFP) April 11, 2017
North Korea vows response to 'reckless' US Navy move
Seoul (AFP) April 10, 2017
China, SKorea vow strong measures if NKorea tests nuke again
Washington (AFP) April 9, 2017
US navy strike group heads toward Korean peninsula
Niger troops kill 57 Boko Haram fighters: security sources
Niamey (AFP) April 10, 2017
Niger troops have killed 57 Boko Haram jihadists during fighting in the southeast Niger, a security source told AFP Monday. Ten soldiers were slightly injured in the exchanges which broke out late Sunday after a large group of Islamist fighters arrived on motorbikes and cars, a member of the security forces said. The Boko Haram fighters were "clearly well-trained and certainly well info ... more
Washington (AFP) April 10, 2017
White House warns Syria on chemical, barrel bomb use
Madrid (AFP) April 10, 2017
Southern EU leaders say US strike on Syria 'understandable'
Washington (AFP) April 7, 2017
Sarin: lethal nerve gas that kills in minutes
Navy grounds T-45C trainer aircraft over safety concerns
Washington (UPI) Apr 6, 2017
The U.S. Navy has temporarily grounded its T-45C trainer aircraft fleet amid oxygen supply problems that could incapacitate its crew. The three-day pause in flight operations took effect Wednesday on orders from Naval Air Forces Commander Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker. "The pause is in response to concerns raised by T-45C pilots over the potential for physiological episodes," U.S. Nav ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 5, 2017
Saab developing Gripen fighter for Brazil
Washington (UPI) Apr 5, 2017
CH-53K helicopters approved for low-rate production
Washington (UPI) Apr 6, 2017
Panama's AW139 helicopters hit a flight-hour milestone
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Colombia orders protection for musdlide town
Bogota (AFP) April 9, 2017
Colombia's government on Sunday ordered measures to protect the stricken town of Mocoa from deforestation thought to have contributed to a deadly mudslide. The March 31 torrent of earth killed 316 people including more than 100 children after three rivers flooded near the Amazon town, according to authorities. Environment Minister Luis Alberto Murillo announced that the at-risk area wher ... more
Palm Beach, United States (AFP) April 7, 2017
Trump's visceral response prompts Syria strikes
Juba (AFP) April 7, 2017
Over 6,000 flee 'terrifying' violence in S.Sudan town: UN
Reyhanli, Turkey (AFP) April 7, 2017
After US strikes, Syria attack victims dream of Assad ouster
Facebook launches digital assistant 'M' in US
Washington (AFP) April 6, 2017
Facebook on Thursday launched its digital assistant named "M" for US users of its Messenger application, ramping up the social network's efforts in artificial intelligence. For users of the messaging platform, M will pop up and suggest "helpful actions" in the chat window. The move is seen as the first step in a broader launch of the digital assistant to compete against services from Goo ... more
Pasadena CA (JPL) Mar 31, 2017
NASA Tests Robotic Ice Tools for Use on Ocean Worlds
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 04, 2017
Robot epigenetics: Adding complexity to embodied robot evolution
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Apr 04, 2017
NASA Robotic Refueling Mission Departs Station

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