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24/7 Nuclear Energy News Coverage
May 03, 2017
Ukraine clings to nuclear power despite Chernobyl trauma

Kiev (AFP) April 30, 2017
Ukraine is still suffering from the trauma of the world's worst civil nuclear accident at Chernobyl but has nonetheless turned the hazardous fuel into the backbone of its energy portfolio. The crisis-torn country now uses atomic power for more than half of its electricity needs as it struggles through a coal shortage sparked by a three-year war against Russian-backed insurgents in the separatist east. And that figure shot up to nearly three-quarters of all power consumed during natural gas price ... read more

Ukraine, Belarus leaders mark Chernobyl anniversary
Kiev (AFP) April 26, 2017
The presidents of Ukraine and Belarus toured Wednesday the site of the Chernobyl plant to mark 31 years since the "unhealing wound" of the world's worst civil nuclear accident spewed radiation across Europe. ... more
Court deals setback to South Africa's nuclear ambitions
Johannesburg (AFP) April 26, 2017
A South African court on Wednesday halted the government's accords with several countries to develop new nuclear power stations, a victory for NGOs and other critics of the plan. ... more
Andra continues Areva contract to operate its Aube Surface Disposal Facility
Paris, France (SPX) Apr 21, 2017
AREVA, represented by its subsidiary STMI, has won the call for tenders to provide its services as industrial operator of the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management's Aube surface d ... more
The critical importance of Predictive Power when building NPPs
Oak Ridge TN (SPX) Apr 19, 2017
Few jobs are more massive than that of building a nuclear power plant, a project that takes years and billions of dollars to complete. But once a new plant is finished, how do engineers know it will ... more
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AREVA NP Signs Contract for Outage Services at Farley Nuclear Generating Station
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 13, 2017
AREVA NP signed a contract with Southern Nuclear to provide outage services at the Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Generating Station* units 1 and 2 between 2017 and 2021. Over the course of six outages, A ... more
Humans to Mars Official NASA Goal, But What About Radiation
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 12, 2017
Human exploration of Mars is now an official goal of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Last month, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill to increase NASA's budget. The la ... more
AREVA and KAZATOMPROM sign a strategic agreement
Paris, France (SPX) Apr 12, 2017
On April 10, 2017, AREVA and KAZATOMPROM signed a major agreement to strengthen their long-standing cooperation in the uranium mining sector in Kazakhstan. The official signing ceremony took p ... more
S.Africa to re-think nuclear deal after junk status : ANC
Johannesburg (AFP) April 9, 2017
South Africa's ruling party on Sunday said the government will have to re-think its costly and highly contentious nuclear expansion programme following last week's relegation of the country's creditworthiness to junk. ... more
France enshrines decision to close oldest nuclear plant
Paris (AFP) April 9, 2017
The French government on Sunday published a decree for closing the country's oldest nuclear plant, fulfilling a campaign-trail pledge made by President Francois Hollande who is now in the final weeks of office. ... more
A step toward long-lasting sunscreen
San Francisco CA (SPX) Apr 04, 2017
In a perfect world, people would diligently reapply suncreen every couple of hours to protect their delicate skin from damaging solar radiation. But in reality, few people actually adhere to reappli ... more

Toshiba to buy Engie's stake in NuGen for $139 mn

Toshiba execs under fire as loss forecast balloons
Chiba, Japan (AFP) March 30, 2017
Angry investors lambasted Toshiba executives at a shareholder meeting Thursday after it warned annual losses could balloon to more than $9.0 billion but they agreed to the sale of its memory chip business, the jewel in the Japanese giant's crown. ... more
Westinghouse's woes spotlight US nuclear sector's decline
Washington (AFP) March 30, 2017
Westinghouse's bankruptcy announcement Wednesday cast a pall over the future of nuclear energy in the United States and comes as the Trump administration seeks to revive the coal industry. ... more
Japan high court rules nuclear reactors can restart
Tokyo (AFP) March 28, 2017
A Japanese appeals court on Tuesday ruled that a pair of nuclear reactors halted by a lower court order can be restarted, in a victory for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's energy policy. ... more
Toshiba's US nuclear unit files for bankruptcy protection
Washington (AFP) March 29, 2017
Toshiba's loss-hit US nuclear unit Westinghouse Electric Company has filed for bankruptcy protection, the companies said Wednesday, as the troubled division wrestles with huge losses and accounting fraud claims. ... more

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Finding best combination for biofuel corn, soil protection
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
The phrase "a double-edged sword" describes something that is beneficial in some ways but problematic in others. One example is removing maize stover (the husks, stems and leaves of corn plants) from fields. Maize stover is used to make cellulosic ethanol, a renewable biofuel. And renewable biofuels are beneficial to the environment. However, removing the stover can harm the environment because ... more
Kumamoto, Japan (SPX) May 02, 2017
Fast, low energy, and continuous biofuel extraction from microalgae
Cambridge, UK (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution
Paris (AFP) April 24, 2017
The Very Hungry Caterpillar joins fight against plastic pollution
U.S. renewable power groups defend reliability
Washington (UPI) May 1, 2017
Industry trade groups aligned with low-carbon power sources in the United States defended their respective sectors against concerns about grid reliability. U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry in April called for an investigation into the resilience and reliability of the nation's energy grid. With renewable resources like solar and wind deemed variable because of the nature of their power ... more
New Delhi (Sputnik) Apr 26, 2017
Indian Space Agency Comes Up With an App Indicating Solar Power Potential
Lausanne, Switzerland (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Light can improve perovskite solar cell performance
Golden CO (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Experts outline pathway for generating up to 10 terawatts of power from sunlight by 2030
CEE Group acquires wind farm with a capacity of 27.6 megawatts in Brandenburg
Hamburg, Germany (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
CEE, the Hamburg-based private equity group, continues to expand its wind power portfolio in Germany. It has acquired eight wind turbines in the Vormark wind farm near to the municipality Gross Pankow (Prignitz) in Brandenburg. The seller is a consortium consisting of the Danish company European Energy A/S and the Berlin-based Green Wind Energy GmbH. The wind farm consists of eight turbine ... more
Washington (UPI) May 2, 2017
U.S. wind power accelerating at near-record pace
Washington (UPI) Apr 19, 2017
Norwegian company envisions wind energy role for oil production
Washington (UPI) Apr 18, 2017
Oklahoma to end tax credits for wind energy
U.S. emissions generally lower last year
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
The only U.S. sector where emissions of carbon dioxide increased last year was in the transportation sector, an Energy Department division reported. A daily brief from the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported CO2 emissions from the transportation sector increased 1.9 percent from 2015 levels. Emissions directly from motor gasoline increased 1.8 percent and the overall sector ... more
Washington (AFP) April 3, 2017
World Bank urges more investment for developing global electricity
New York (AFP) April 3, 2017
US states begin legal action on Trump energy delay
Paris (AFP) March 28, 2017
Program to be axed saves energy in LA buildings
Bright future for self-charging batteries
Montreal, Canada (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Who hasn't lived through the frustrating experience of being without a phone after forgetting to recharge it? This could one day be a thing of the past thanks to technology being developed by Hydro-Quebec and McGill University. Lithium-ion batteries have allowed the rapid proliferation of all kinds of mobile devices such as phones, tablets and computers. These tools however require frequen ... more
London, UK (SPX) May 03, 2017
Revolutionary method reveals impact of short circuits on battery safety
Raleigh, NC (SPX) May 03, 2017
Thin layers of water hold promise for the energy storage of the future
New York, NY (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Freezing lithium batteries may make them safer and bendable
Philippine minister bans new open-pit mines worth $8 bn
Manila (AFP) April 27, 2017
Philippine socialite-turned-environment minister Regina Lopez caused ire in the mining industry Thursday by announcing a ban on new open-pit mines, a move that threatens over eight billion dollars in investments. Lopez, who has already ordered the closure of 23 mines this year, told reporters she would not allow any new open-pit mines to operate, even those that gained government approval be ... more
Pensacola, FL (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Predicting the movement and impacts of microplastic pollution
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
New approach to improve detection of landfill-related pollution
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
A CSIC scientist discovers that wax worms eat plastic
The Last Free American Board Game
Relief continues for Canadian municipality hit by wildfires
Washington (UPI) May 2, 2017
A Canadian municipality ravaged by wildfires last year that sidelined Canadian oil production is getting tax relief, the provincial government in Alberta said. Blazes that devastated parts of Fort McMurray last May idled about 1 million barrels per day worth of regional oil production. About 4,000 small businesses were impacted by the wildfires in an area that contributes substantially ... more
Washington (UPI) May 2, 2017
Gas prices holding steady for U.S. commuters
Washington (UPI) May 1, 2017
Oil prices lower on softening China
Washington (UPI) May 1, 2017
Iran's president leans on economic successes
Japan aims to uncover how moons of Mars formed
Tokyo, Japan (The Conversation) May 03, 2017
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has announced a mission to visit the two moons of Mars and return a rock sample to Earth. It's a plan to uncover both the mystery of the moons' creation and, perhaps, how life began in our Solar System. The Solar System's planets take their names from ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Mars is the god of war, while the red planet's two moons ar ... more
Pasadena CA (JPL) May 02, 2017
Several drives put opportunity closer to 'Perseverance Valley'
Pasadena CA (JPL) Apr 27, 2017
How Old are Martian Gullies
Pasadena CA (JPL) Apr 27, 2017
Opportunity Nears 'Perseverance Valley'
1.4 million children acutely malnourished in Somalia this year: UN
Geneva (AFP) May 2, 2017
Somalia, hit by drought and on the verge of famine, will count 1.4 million acutely malnourished children by the end of the year, up 50 percent from late 2016, the UN said Tuesday. The United Nations children's agency warned that 275,000 of those children were expected to be so severely malnourished that they could easily die. Severe acute malnutrition is the most extreme and visible form ... more
Beijing, China (SPX) May 03, 2017
Mechanism of the influence of the Tibetan-Iranian Plateaus on the circulation and climate in summer
Addis Ababa (AFP) April 28, 2017
Ethiopia drought creates food crisis for 7.7 million
Washington (AFP) April 26, 2017
US may stay in Paris climate accord, with caveats
Shunned by microbes, organic carbon can resist breakdown in underground environments
Stanford CA (SPX) May 02, 2017
The soils and sediments beneath our feet can contain an astonishing amount of carbon - more than in all of the world's plants and the atmosphere combined - and represents a significant potential source of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. In a new study, Stanford scientists have uncovered a previously unknown mechanism that explains why microbes sometimes fail to break down all the plant ... more
La Jolla, CA (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Graphene withstands high pressure, may aid in desalination
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 12, 2017
All in one against CO2
Vienna, Austria (SPX) Apr 12, 2017
Diamonds coupled using quantum physics
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
What China's 1st domestically-built aircraft carrier means
Beijing (Sputnik) Apr 26, 2017
China is expected to commission its first domestic-built aircraft carrier on May 23, when Beijing celebrates Naval Forces Day. The vessel known as the 001A will be the second aircraft carrier in service with the naval forces of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). In recent years, China's navy has transformed from a small fleet into a formidable force aimed at gaining dominance in the Pacific. In ... more
Beijing (AFP) April 26, 2017
China launches first domestically built aircraft carrier
Washington (UPI) Apr 25, 2017
Raytheon awarded contract to activate first Zumwalt-class destroyer
Washington (UPI) Apr 26, 2017
Saab taps Poland's Nauta Shiprepair for Swedish vessel construction
Lockheed Martin receives Trident missile contract
Washington (UPI) May 1, 2017
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. has been awarded a $64.6 million dollar contract for engineering on the Common Compartment Strategic Weapons System. The contract includes testing of a special test vehicle, maintenance and the integration of the D5 Trident II SLBM to the system. The contract could increase to $94.1 million. Most of the work will be performed in Sunnyvale, Calif. And Ca ... more
Washington (AFP) May 1, 2017
Trump would be 'honored' to meet N.Korea's Kim, if conditions right
Seoul (AFP) May 3, 2017
Activity resumes at North Korea nuclear test site: monitor
United Nations, United States (AFP) May 2, 2017
US exploring options at UN to pressure N. Korea
US-led strikes against IS have killed 352 civilians: Pentagon
Washington (AFP) May 1, 2017
US-led strikes aimed against the Islamic State group have "unintentionally" killed 352 civilians since the offensive began in 2014, according to the US military. The tally from the Combined Joint Task Force did not include findings from an investigation the coalition said it had launched into one allegedly particularly deadly strike on March 17 in west Mosul. US General Stephen Townsend ... more
Beirut (AFP) May 3, 2017
IS attack kills dozens at Syria camp
The Hague (AFP) April 26, 2017
Nations urged to 'banish evil of chemical arms'
Guernica, Spain (AFP) April 26, 2017
Spain's Guernica marks 80th anniversary of bombing
Department of Defense awards contract for 240 F-35 Lightning II planes
Washington (UPI) May 1, 2017
Lockheed Martin has received a $1.377 billion contract for low-rate initial production of 130 Lot 12 F-35 Lightning II fighter planes. The contract includes parts, maintenance, and other services for the program, the Department of Defense announced. In addition the Lot 12 F-35 production for the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corp and other non-Department of Defense and foreign customers, the ... more
McLean VA (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
FAA and Aireon announce ADS-B nextgen technology flight test success
Tel Aviv (AFP) May 2, 2017
Israel shows off F-35 stealth fighters for first time
Cleveland OH (SPX) Apr 28, 2017
The QueSST for Quiet
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Bullying is on the decline in most schools, new research shows
Washington (UPI) May 1, 2017
New research suggests bullying and bullying-related behaviors are on the decline at elementary, middle and high schools. Education researchers surveyed approximately 246,000 students in grades 4 through 12 at 109 Maryland schools over the course of ten years. The result - detailed in the journal Pediatrics - suggest bullying is trending down. "While bullying is a significant pu ... more
New Brunswick NJ (SPX) May 02, 2017
Zapping bacteria with sanitizers made of paper
Washington DC (SPX) May 03, 2017
Researchers develop radar simulator to characterize scattering of debris in tornadoes
Vienna (AFP) April 29, 2017
Soul-searching scientists struggle to get message across
Your future surgery may use an automated, robotic drill
Salt Lake City UT (SPX) May 02, 2017
A computer-driven automated drill, similar to those used to machine auto parts, could play a pivotal role in future surgical procedures. The new machine can make one type of complex cranial surgery 50 times faster than standard procedures, decreasing from two hours to two and a half minutes. Researchers at the University of Utah developed the drill that produces fast, clean, and safe cuts, ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
Synthetic two-sided gecko's foot could enable underwater robotics
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 27, 2017
The rise of automated art
Princeton NJ (SPX) Apr 19, 2017
Human prejudices sneak into artificial intelligence systems

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